quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2013

Bodies that bleeds

                                 Bodies that bleeds

What is the profile of a pedophile, a black man, a businessman, an old man, a young nobody knows what will be the image that pedophile will try to entice your child or a child you know.
fact is that they are out there and somehow try to entice your children, whether in a social network on the Internet, at school or on the street is always good to keep your children in plain sight.
it's hard to think or investigate them because pedophiles are always above suspicion.

 What is sex? to ask a girl on the verge of a major highway! the answer is impressive ¨ sex is when a girl goes to bed with a man and earn money to help her mother ¨

 My big struggle is to end sexual tourism in Brazil and fight a crime that exists for more nefarious, abusing a child who does not even know what you're doing.

 The script of sex tourism tourist pedophiles are usually the areas that surround the beaches, the poverty of families leads mothers to turn a blind eye to this serious crime.
but not that it justifies all the girls who were being questioned why the edges of the roads the answer was one, help family (bring food for them).


 Kids are just kids screaming for us to help pedophiles to a piece of worthless meat.
to the political map of a statistic cold pedophilia and prostitution in Brazil.
And for you what would it be?



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