domingo, 7 de julho de 2013

It is not love, can not love me who makes me cry

It is not love, can not love me who makes me cry, can not love me does not see in the picture of


eternal love.
Love can not be something that makes you suffer, who said to be love has to have tears of pain does not know love.
Today I made sure to stop loving you, I can not lie it will hurt my soul, my mind will explode with much to think about but you can not live a love that makes you suffer.
Every step I take farther you'll have more chances to find someone who loves me as I deserve.
Every tear that I leave the path, left a trail of my story and the time lost for loving you too much.
Today I feel like a free bird in search of myself chunks of my time that I've been by his side made ​​sure to steal.
I can not love me if I do not give value, I can not get the value alongside someone who had no love for me.
I write my story with drops of tears, but sure I'll love and be loved by someone who deserves the greatest love the world.
A whirlwind of feelings, a hurricane of emotions so am I, waiting for a new and great love

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