terça-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2013

Children used by pedophiles say, is to help her mother having sex


                        sells up pieces of meat from the bodies of children

The tourism industry for pedophiles
Not welcome in Brazil who comes to sex tourism, and tourism is totally disapproved of pedophilia which is offered mainly in the northeast of Brazil, the girls are still children played in the hands of Wolves cannibals who ruthlessly uses them to meet their desire for human flesh.
Girls from poor dull eyes, the brightness of soul stolen by vampires who steals dreams, steals the purity of childhood.
Sex tourism in Brazil is so cruel that even makes its victims sex slaves without any rights for men without heart.
Do you hear me thru the letters, the only way I have to try to prevent these vampires souls of children, do not question government or public policy because even here in Brazil we do not have people managers, corrupt politicians and we do not think that many children struggle less to help them.
Try to imagine a 10 year old girl having sex to keep your family financially, a prostitute in the prime of his childhood.
but it is a cruel chain pedophiles go beyond children 5 years old or less
these vampires are turning the child into soulless zombies.
but dear fellow reader as someone can say to these girls that they are sex slaves, if the only ones who have swapped to feed their families comes from prostitution.


The issue is that Brazil is rich in Brazil but the few poor and no future for these girls and victims of pedophiles thieves infant souls.
The issue is not a justice that punishes corruption a policy abandoned by the people who should be the minimum for youth and children.
It remains to us citizens close their eyes and not see that the children of our childhood is stolen by tourists invited by us to the paradise of pedophilia

With the reshaping of the Criminal Code in 2009, any kind of sexual contact with children and adolescents, even without carnal knowledge, rape has been considered and therefore qualified as a heinous crime. Law 12015 of 7 August that year, has treated more rigorously the now called sexual crimes against dignity. There was aggravation of penalties and procedural measures, especially for crimes committed against minors.


                                                             Signs Paul X brow

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  1. Não haveria prostituição infantil se não houvessem esses turistas que fazem questão de !carne nova"!!! Quem sabe eles param quando algum pedófilo pegar a filhinha ou filho deles!Pensarão duas vezes!!!

  2. A raiz deste problema é de outra ordem, Nair. Parabéns pela postagem, Cumpadi. Este assunto é muito sério e precisa ocupar as conversas de todos até que todos acordem para o problema.