segunda-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2013

safe in my hands for a minute my love

A letter from an angel

I wanted you to know that in all those landscapes, which thine eyes have seen, was always by your side, and when the wind soft, teased your hair, dabbed his face, I was kissing her, you smile, remember?

Yes I was, at that moment when, if staggered and almost fell, and laughed, because she felt supported, protected, yes I was, who held you by the hand.

That time I wept with longing, in the solitude of your room, I was there by your side and I calmed down when I started to sing in your ear that beautiful song, and you stopped crying, you smiled, and again, I by your side until they fell asleep, without tears, without fear, without those old nightmares, you're scared.

Now I want you to know that right now I'm with you, and share this joy with me ... Learn who never leave thee, nor when the silence comes, even when laughter make it disappear between your tears and your smiles will always be by your side.

I am your angel, your my wings and shelter.

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