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Romantic thoughts (for First Nation Diva ❝ ❞ @Tsuliena

Romantic thoughts (for First Nation Diva ❝ ❞@ Tsuliena
- The quest for spirituality is the biggest reason this life. We must seek the light, grow as a person forever.
- True love and friendship is what really matters in life. Material things are important and also give pleasure, but true happiness is to share happiness with others, this is the great magic of life.
- The biggest fool is the one who calls himself as a wise person. True wisdom is to recognize your mistakes, imperfections and always seek to learn from everyone, even people more foolish.
- The selfish is always claiming that the other is happy because he found what he sought. The romantic happiness is only complete when you help others find what they are looking for
- It is much more selfless person who helps a bit those who do not love than to help that much only one she loves.
- It do romantic declarations of love or praise networks sociais.Porém, who praises others in public may actually be wanting to praise or even indirectly praising himself.
- Nobody gets through this life without making mistakes. Therefore, it is not necessary to have pride. Knowing how to recognize mistakes and correct them fetch is a great virtue. Apologize a gesture of grandeur.

- The memory is the memory of the mind, the heart is gratitude. We should always thank all who have been or are on our side, forgetting the ego: All victories in our lives because we had only been achieved in supporting someone.
- It's always good to thank everyone who helped us, served us, educated us, loved us, supported us, have patience with our mistakes .... Without these people we would not be nothing, nothing would have.
- When it comes to love, many people still believe there is such a "right person", others say unluckily only attract the wrong people. In fact, right or wrong is how we relate or react to situations and people we love.

- Even those who came into our lives, disagreed, discussed or distanced themselves from gratitude we should have, because often made us reflect on how we are and how we can improve. The world would be much better if people knew more forgiving understand that we live in is all for the good, for the positive.

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  1. Very beautiful blog post describing love and giving a meaning to it. Thank you for spreading it in your tweets, blog and in my life Paul. Forgiveness, Peace,& Love we could all use a lil more..