terça-feira, 12 de novembro de 2013

that love is this that burns

that love is this that burns
that love is this that speaks without saying a word
that love is this that cries without tears

that love is this love that comes and goes like the wind
you love and the one that kills the body without killing the soul
that love is this that leaves skin wounds without scoring
that this love is full of possibilities impossible
that love is this that makes dreaming even when awake
that love is this that makes me fly without wings
that love is this that makes me forget myself to live you

That love, that pain, that fear of loving
Dry mouth and sweat shows that love that both question
is you

                Paul x brow

And We Die...

And We Die...
Revolution is led by the young
the battle of oppression is near.
Freedom bells have rung
we've suppressed our fear.

 and we die...
as you observe and meet
and they die...
while you drag your feet

The world watches our blood
as it flows through the streets.
Politicians clean their hands
with our defeat.

and we die...
while you negotiate peace
and they die...
by the hands of our own police

This suffrage for toleration
has come too far to unwind.
Seems like a no win situation
unless you emancipate your mind.

and we die...
while you sit and debate
and they die...
watching their women raped

The struggle against tyranny will continue 
until our dreams are realized.
My town, your village, whatever the venue
our liberation musn't be compromised.

and we die...
to be honored by the freed
and we've died
martyrs, our last breath singing nasheed


terça-feira, 9 de julho de 2013

you piece of me




Because I wrote to you the most beautiful verses.
Was it because your smile delights me
Was it because his kisses hasa taste of honey
Was it because your looking bewitches me.
Why I wrote the most beautiful verses for you
Was it because a night of love for us was little
Was it because every moment we spent took me to heaven
Each letter is an ounce of my emotion, every word a piece of my heart, and every sentence all that would live side by side.
We are so distant, yet so next I can feel the beating of your heart.

I can feel your breath and listen to your soul saying he loves,
and every minute that we have joined more distant soul.
We were two bodies and two hearts now are me, you are nothing.

If nostalgia is the punishment of the lovers, the return is a gift for anyone who loves.
To love is to suffer far m double
But how good loves
You are the most beautiful woman of the universe
You Fairy impossible dream
You are the angel that comes in the early morning of months make the most beautiful dreams.
You girl, woman
you piece of me

                                    Paul X brow

domingo, 7 de julho de 2013

The love and the four seasons




A cold winter morning he says he loves me.
The cold of winter can warm every heart in the world.
Nothing made ​​sense to me, I could hear my heart beating fast when you see the image of angelic being.
I realized I was in love when I felt that emotion was more than reason
My vision became blind, my line went dead, my mouth dry and my senses were no longer normal.
It would be possible to a woman so beautiful and so special to love someone who could offer nothing except the body and soul for her.
On an autumn afternoon she said she loves me.
But the change of season makes hearts become more sensitive
I think I'll live another minute of this glory, my soul no longer responds, looks like I'm running away from my body.
It would just be a dream of a madman or would just love the thrill of being loved by a goddess venus.

In an afternoon blossom spring she says she loves me.
But spring is all hearts become prone to love
the beauty of flowers is like a postcard to anyone who loves and one more time to question my reason is she the goddess of dreams of any mortal was my real
One summer night she says she loves me.


The sun and its heat does not shine as much as the look of my beloved
At this time my reason to question my emotion, will be that she loves me or is it just a love of stations


think that women are beings from another planet.






The woman, the mistress of our destiny for a few minutes I come to think that women are beings from another planet.
The woman bleeds every month, the woman is able to generate a life, a woman is able to die to save those she loves.
The woman dreams when reality takes every possibility of living one single dream.

The woman is fairy wish-fulfilling
The woman is goddess able to help you in difficult times
The woman is the queen of a kingdom of her own
The woman speaks without uttering a single word
The woman wants without wanting.
The woman is dreaming.
The woman is smiling
The woman makes love
My doubt is who or where they came from women who are as utopian, emblematic, complex and higher.

It is not love, can not love me who makes me cry

It is not love, can not love me who makes me cry, can not love me does not see in the picture of


eternal love.
Love can not be something that makes you suffer, who said to be love has to have tears of pain does not know love.
Today I made sure to stop loving you, I can not lie it will hurt my soul, my mind will explode with much to think about but you can not live a love that makes you suffer.
Every step I take farther you'll have more chances to find someone who loves me as I deserve.
Every tear that I leave the path, left a trail of my story and the time lost for loving you too much.
Today I feel like a free bird in search of myself chunks of my time that I've been by his side made ​​sure to steal.
I can not love me if I do not give value, I can not get the value alongside someone who had no love for me.
I write my story with drops of tears, but sure I'll love and be loved by someone who deserves the greatest love the world.
A whirlwind of feelings, a hurricane of emotions so am I, waiting for a new and great love

domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

Wrote the most beautiful verse for you



Wrote the most beautiful verse for you, words written in letters of gold.
Can I say that to say that love would have to be something special.
Do not write about the love of a mortal by a queen, simply everything has to be special,
alone one night, one candle light dinner, and late night leaves fragments of love spread all corners of the room.
How you're beautiful, I can not believe I'm with a queen, can not dream if I'm awake.

You walk slowly because my dreams, my life and my love is at your feet.
I'm here to a step of paradise, I'm here one minute from the land of dreams.
not want to sleep I'm afraid to wake up and open your eyes
and see that it was a dream, a beautiful and crazy dream of love can die.
I wrote to you every beat of my heart wanted to tell talves now you know that is the most loved woman in the world.
I wrote to you what my eyes see, when faced with his image of a goddess magic capable of doing the impossible.

Able to make my heart stop for a minute and come back to beat so hard it looks like it will explode with love

                                    Paul X brow

Cried yes, you said that men do not cry!








Cried yes, you said that men do not cry!
The tears of a man are like the flames lick a volcano
I cried for over a thousand days after you left, leaving a huge void in my life.
Cried feeling the absence of his kisses, cried feeling your missing
smell, cried yourself locked in a dark room in the solitude of my thoughts.
I cried in a moment of madness, cried shouting back, cried saying it would love you as lessen the pain that was its lack in my life.
At dawn alone two cups a bottle of wine, it was more a way to pretend that you were there.


I was the bottle of wine and a shadow on the wall or ghost arrogance of my own one day have thought that without you my life would make sense.
Cried just cried night after night, the pain of having lost the greatest love the world


                                                       Paul X brow

Every minute is greater longing for someone I love





Every minute is greater longing for someone I love

I can not say that our bodies are separate
because I feel the beating of your heart kilometers from where I am
Every minute the pain of longing is greater, for each day the pain increases
but nostalgia is the punishment for lovers a nice punishment for me to see that you get behind me felidade one that makes my heart beat stronger chest
In the twilight of morning I see your picture coming in the distance and all the punishment that made ​​me suffer homesickness turns momentarily
a big happy smile.

Not sure if this is only love
I do not know if I can live away from you
I do not know wed will be the end of this story
I do not know if we will love forever
But I know that every kiss you take me to heaven
but I know that every second your side is like being in the green field full of flowers surrounded by angels


'll cry for a minute, which is lembrao to suffer, for the day that you leave me my heart is ready

                                      Paul X brow

sábado, 29 de junho de 2013

The lies of the words I never believed


                               The lies of the words I never believed
For me it was just meaningless sounds, whispers coming from a mouth I kissed, that to love me.
It was just millions of words echoing in my mind and reminds me how much I loved
I can not say the lies did not make me happy for a few minutes.
but I can tell that killed my soul slowly killed my will to love someone to have another.
His words made ​​me fly into a magical world of dreams, then took me into an abyss of tears and loneliness
Left me a body, and a thousand tears endless loneliness
Years passed and I still have a thousand tears in the corner of eyes, I can not say if one day I'll take this love from me.
What I can say is that no one will love you like I loved you
I can tell you with every beat of my heart is a minute of suffering without the crazy and deceitful words of love
I leave you my soul maybe one day in another place or another life we can truly love




                                                       Paul X brow

I am a prisoner of an undying love

I am a prisoner of an undying love of a love capable of doing the 2nd hour turn

I am a prisoner of myself and my desires that gradually takes hold of my soul
I live the lies of a love that I never had, I'll cry for someone who never loved me
I smile at the mirror and see my soul in weeping for love who never loved me.
I will fly to a dark place where no one will see my tears
I'll make this love death of my soul and I gradually try to love me.
alive today in the endless darkness of the soul that cries, screams and begs for a crumb of your love
I am the slave of a love of dreams that even I believed it would be a nightmare.
I hear the beating of his heart still can not believe it exists.
Can not take heart who makes me suffer so.
I just wanted to give you the best of me.

                               Signs Paul X brow

The winds of love that slowly take shape hurricane


                     The winds of love that slowly take shape hurricane
Caresses the beginning that could become in abandonment
The end of a love is the beginning of another quato more love, the more I hate
And love is an innocent child who craves affection
Love is flower that begs to be watered
Love is bird that lives in the freedom of their wings
Love is the wind that carries the dreams to anywhere
Love is the river that can make your way to the sea
Love is the dawn of a new day with the sunrise
Love is time that is wise and makes us enteder that I can not live without you
Love is are half true that we will never say not to hurt those we love
Love is a cold night without fire to warm us
Love is the power to dream with one word
Love is love


                                           Paul X brow

I will escape from reality in a minute my eyes


                   I will escape from reality in a minute my eyes will close
when your mouth contact
I will escape to paradise where dreams comes down on us
I'll never love you like I will tell half truths
I will make you my queen on a planet only our
Our planet called love, which our bodies take the form of angels wanting to love and love
I say crazy words, I will kiss you on the mouth, I say words
Can I fly here because love makes me light and love you makes me happy
I will love you forever
I'll give the best of me
I will be the king and the queen you
'll love us now
And we dream that will never come to an end

I screamed in the dark so you do not see me


 I screamed in the dark so you do not see me
hear my and feel the beat of my heart
I screamed so loud that the world heard the cry of pain
Pain by being trapped in the silence of the words
Pain to see my love, is gradually losing
I scream, you scream and shout in the dark
my dreams you appear
I will scream until you say I love you
I'm just a crazy love screaming in dark room
the demand of pieces of my own heart
still love you
still have the hope that you come back
I fly in my dreams and in my can hug
In my dreams I love you in a way you never imagined
Forget me live for you, I smile with tears in
I will love you like you never imagined



                                        Paul X brow


sexta-feira, 28 de junho de 2013

Missed you! (Paul X brow ) songs

                              Everything was looked at you a little about myself

I found me a reason to live

Everything was looked at you a little about myself

In the silence of the words I never said

In the darkness of night blind.

missed you!

In a wordless cry, in a cry without tears.

Missed you!

  In my eyes two tears roll

even though they are diamond stones

did no strength not to cry.

Remains in me and I only  fragments of

a love and longing for the times we live.

Today the sun is not the sun the stars do not shine more

The smell was tasteless and cold was no heat.

And the lies of the crazy words that were said

there was only a whisper in the memory as if it were

the lament of a soul that you just wanted to live.

Missed you!

Missed you!

segunda-feira, 17 de junho de 2013

Famosos se reúnem em movimento

publicada há 16 horasatualizada há 37 minutos

Famosos se reúnem em movimento que pede mudanças no Brasil

Carmo Dalla Vecchia, entre outros, aparecerem com olho roxo em referência à jornalista que foi atingida por bala de borracha durante manifestação.

do EGO, no Rio
Carmo Dalla Vecchia (Foto: Instagram/ Reprodução)Carmo Dalla Vecchia
Na noite deste domingo, 16, vários famosos se mobilizaram nas redes sociais em ação que clama por mudanças no Brasil usando as hashtags “muda Brasil” e “dói em todos nós”.Carmo Dalla VecchiaFernanda Rodrigues,Thaila AyalaMayana Neiva, Miguel Rômulo, entre outros, postaram no Instagram fotos suas em que aparecem com o olho roxo - em referência à repórter Giuliana Vallone, do jornal “Folha de São Paulo”, que foi atingida por bala de borracha durante manifestação em São Paulo. As imagens fazem parte do protesto fotográfico "Dói em Todos Nós",  do fotógrafo Yuri Sardenberg.
“Vivi muito anos metendo o pau no que achava que estava errado nesse país, na nossa política, criticando e sentindo falta de fazer algo a mais, sentindo falta de atitude da população, de nós brasileiros acomodados. O país do futebol e carnaval, do "tudo tem um jeitinho", da malandragem! Me senti enojada e envergonhada muitas vezes e agora sinto repulsa de toda essa sujeira e maquiagem feita o tempo todo no nosso país. Principalmente do que esta acontecendo agora! Tenho pena das pessoas que não tem informações, nada além dessas notícias deturpadas e que ainda acham que tudo isso é arruaça por 20 centavos! Acorda, Brasil! Essa é nossa chance de mudar, de crescermos, de brigarmos por uma educação decente, saúde, segurança", escreveu Thaila Ayala no Instagram.
Thaila continuou: "Chega de impunidade, de mensalão, de políticos podres de ricos comprando iates com o nosso dinheiro. Chega de obras bilionárias que nunca chegam a fim para que possam roubar mais e mais. Chega de se calar, chega de aceitarmos tudo o que nos é imposto! Vamos às ruas, vamos às janelas, vamos às redes sociais, vamos gritar, vamos nos unir! Porque juntos conseguimos ir mais longe! Chega de violência, seus policias, pois já sabemos que estão passando em cima de gente com moto, carro, e o que tiver na frente, que estão quebrando seus próprios carros para colocar a culpa em quem esta lutando para um futuro melhor para seus filhos! Agora é a hora de lutarmos por um país livre, pelo direito da democracia , contra essa ditadura e essa opressão ridícula e vergonhosa!”, escreveu Thaila em sua página no Instagram.
Paulo Vilhena (Foto: Instagram/ Reprodução)Paulo Vilhena
Seu marido, o ator Paulo Vilhena , também se juntou à causa: “Essa foto faz parte de mais uma manifestação entre tantas que vem acontecendo em todo país. A violência e truculência com que os manifestantes vêm sendo abordados são mais uma forma de desrespeito ao cidadão brasileiro, não bastasse tudo que nos falta de direito, manifestar a insatisfação se tornou mais um medo para o brasileiro. Sair pra trabalhar em paz, ficar doente e confiar na saúde pública, pensar no futuro dos filhos, comprar o necessário para viver, ter direito a dignidade e a um cuidado sério dos nossos governantes é uma possibilidade cada vez mais distante para todos nós. Peço aqui, aos senhores responsáveis por uma nação, que pensem em todos nós com o coração livre de qualquer interesse político ou próprio e moralmente cuidem do nosso país de forma a permitir que todos nós tenhamos direitos preservados e por favor respeitem o dinheiro público, ele como o nome diz, deve servir as necessidades do povo. Parem com a falsa ignorância de achar que o que está acontecendo é somente pelo aumento do transporte público. É também! Mas a grande verdade é que o brasileiro não aguenta mais o que esta acontecendo. Nós queremos e merecemos ter orgulho de ser brasileiro”.
A modelo Yasmin Brunet foi outra que se manifestou. "Isso é por nossos direitos! Não é pelos 20 centavos. É pela ditadura e democracia inexistente, repressão e opressão, correntes e prisão sem muros, a roubalheira do governo, pela falta de atenção e prioridade da saúde e educação, pela violência. Nós somos brasileiros e não fugimos à luta! 'A ditadura perfeita terá as aparências da democracia, uma prisão sem muros na qual os prisioneiros não sonharão com a fuga. Um sistema de escravatura onde, graças ao consumo e ao divertimento, os escravos terão amor à sua escravidão' (Aldous Huxley)", escreveu  ela na rede social.
Paloma Bernardi (Foto: Instagram / Reprodução)Paloma Bernardi (Foto: Instagram / Reprodução)

Thaila Ayala (Foto: Instagram/ Reprodução)Thaila Ayala
Fernanda Rodrigues (Foto: Instagram/ Reprodução)Fernanda Rodrigues
Yasmin Brunet (Foto: Instagram/ Reprodução)Yasmin Brunet
Mayana Neiva (Foto: Instagram/ Reprodução)Mayana Neiva

terça-feira, 11 de junho de 2013


Dou a vida por você mulher ,porque tu me geraste em seu ventre .

devo a você mulher tudo que sou .

Você mulher que me aquece nos dias frios e da a brisa dos ventos nos dias quentes .