sexta-feira, 28 de junho de 2013

Missed you! (Paul X brow ) songs

                              Everything was looked at you a little about myself

I found me a reason to live

Everything was looked at you a little about myself

In the silence of the words I never said

In the darkness of night blind.

missed you!

In a wordless cry, in a cry without tears.

Missed you!

  In my eyes two tears roll

even though they are diamond stones

did no strength not to cry.

Remains in me and I only  fragments of

a love and longing for the times we live.

Today the sun is not the sun the stars do not shine more

The smell was tasteless and cold was no heat.

And the lies of the crazy words that were said

there was only a whisper in the memory as if it were

the lament of a soul that you just wanted to live.

Missed you!

Missed you!

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