sábado, 29 de junho de 2013

I am a prisoner of an undying love

I am a prisoner of an undying love of a love capable of doing the 2nd hour turn

I am a prisoner of myself and my desires that gradually takes hold of my soul
I live the lies of a love that I never had, I'll cry for someone who never loved me
I smile at the mirror and see my soul in weeping for love who never loved me.
I will fly to a dark place where no one will see my tears
I'll make this love death of my soul and I gradually try to love me.
alive today in the endless darkness of the soul that cries, screams and begs for a crumb of your love
I am the slave of a love of dreams that even I believed it would be a nightmare.
I hear the beating of his heart still can not believe it exists.
Can not take heart who makes me suffer so.
I just wanted to give you the best of me.

                               Signs Paul X brow

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