domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

Every minute is greater longing for someone I love





Every minute is greater longing for someone I love

I can not say that our bodies are separate
because I feel the beating of your heart kilometers from where I am
Every minute the pain of longing is greater, for each day the pain increases
but nostalgia is the punishment for lovers a nice punishment for me to see that you get behind me felidade one that makes my heart beat stronger chest
In the twilight of morning I see your picture coming in the distance and all the punishment that made ​​me suffer homesickness turns momentarily
a big happy smile.

Not sure if this is only love
I do not know if I can live away from you
I do not know wed will be the end of this story
I do not know if we will love forever
But I know that every kiss you take me to heaven
but I know that every second your side is like being in the green field full of flowers surrounded by angels


'll cry for a minute, which is lembrao to suffer, for the day that you leave me my heart is ready

                                      Paul X brow

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