domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

Wrote the most beautiful verse for you



Wrote the most beautiful verse for you, words written in letters of gold.
Can I say that to say that love would have to be something special.
Do not write about the love of a mortal by a queen, simply everything has to be special,
alone one night, one candle light dinner, and late night leaves fragments of love spread all corners of the room.
How you're beautiful, I can not believe I'm with a queen, can not dream if I'm awake.

You walk slowly because my dreams, my life and my love is at your feet.
I'm here to a step of paradise, I'm here one minute from the land of dreams.
not want to sleep I'm afraid to wake up and open your eyes
and see that it was a dream, a beautiful and crazy dream of love can die.
I wrote to you every beat of my heart wanted to tell talves now you know that is the most loved woman in the world.
I wrote to you what my eyes see, when faced with his image of a goddess magic capable of doing the impossible.

Able to make my heart stop for a minute and come back to beat so hard it looks like it will explode with love

                                    Paul X brow

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