domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

Cried yes, you said that men do not cry!








Cried yes, you said that men do not cry!
The tears of a man are like the flames lick a volcano
I cried for over a thousand days after you left, leaving a huge void in my life.
Cried feeling the absence of his kisses, cried feeling your missing
smell, cried yourself locked in a dark room in the solitude of my thoughts.
I cried in a moment of madness, cried shouting back, cried saying it would love you as lessen the pain that was its lack in my life.
At dawn alone two cups a bottle of wine, it was more a way to pretend that you were there.


I was the bottle of wine and a shadow on the wall or ghost arrogance of my own one day have thought that without you my life would make sense.
Cried just cried night after night, the pain of having lost the greatest love the world


                                                       Paul X brow

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