sábado, 29 de junho de 2013

The lies of the words I never believed


                               The lies of the words I never believed
For me it was just meaningless sounds, whispers coming from a mouth I kissed, that to love me.
It was just millions of words echoing in my mind and reminds me how much I loved
I can not say the lies did not make me happy for a few minutes.
but I can tell that killed my soul slowly killed my will to love someone to have another.
His words made ​​me fly into a magical world of dreams, then took me into an abyss of tears and loneliness
Left me a body, and a thousand tears endless loneliness
Years passed and I still have a thousand tears in the corner of eyes, I can not say if one day I'll take this love from me.
What I can say is that no one will love you like I loved you
I can tell you with every beat of my heart is a minute of suffering without the crazy and deceitful words of love
I leave you my soul maybe one day in another place or another life we can truly love




                                                       Paul X brow

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