terça-feira, 9 de julho de 2013

you piece of me




Because I wrote to you the most beautiful verses.
Was it because your smile delights me
Was it because his kisses hasa taste of honey
Was it because your looking bewitches me.
Why I wrote the most beautiful verses for you
Was it because a night of love for us was little
Was it because every moment we spent took me to heaven
Each letter is an ounce of my emotion, every word a piece of my heart, and every sentence all that would live side by side.
We are so distant, yet so next I can feel the beating of your heart.

I can feel your breath and listen to your soul saying he loves,
and every minute that we have joined more distant soul.
We were two bodies and two hearts now are me, you are nothing.

If nostalgia is the punishment of the lovers, the return is a gift for anyone who loves.
To love is to suffer far m double
But how good loves
You are the most beautiful woman of the universe
You Fairy impossible dream
You are the angel that comes in the early morning of months make the most beautiful dreams.
You girl, woman
you piece of me

                                    Paul X brow

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