sábado, 23 de fevereiro de 2013

Love the dream and you

 Also Fairies dream, the desire is still great to have you in my arms
's not know why just a great love
but I'm sure we'll still be together, I was the sky and the stars you all of me remember you.
I was the flowers and the garden you, what would you without me, dream of a summer love, I said you were the air I breathed.
Even knowing it would be impossible That is the love goddess, a mortal, invest in our dreams.
Love in paradise it was a bit of me in my dreams your hands,'s not cry for me, cry for you and the great love that you lost.
Do not lie you still love me for who loves not make my heart bleed my eyes cry.
You can leave but Know That greater love that I gave you, you will never find.
I'm here and my love and longing If the world was only the truths inside of us never need to think of the word love, because nobody would live without your true love.
Forgetting you would be: losing my identity, my personality change, erase the better part of my life ... All this because I love you
Even so you'll take me, I write it in letters of blood with the Certainty That one day my tears will delete


                                   signs Paul x brow


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